You have a passion, and you love talking about it. That’s why you started your own podcast. 

With any passion project, putting in time and effort without receiving any financial reward (or fuel) grows tiring. We know you love interacting with your listeners, reading the compliments on your show, and getting creative about your podcast content. But it wouldn’t hurt to receive a bit of cash for all that hard work, right? 

We’ll show you how to make money podcasting using various techniques. There’s something for every creator and budget, so let’s find your monetization niche. 

5 Podcast Monetization methods you can use today:

Can you really make money podcasting?

Can you make money doing podcasts? The short answer to this question is: Yes. You can make money from your podcast, but it may take some ingenuity and hard work. We know you’re already doing a lot, but the effort will (quite literally) pay off.

Focus on continuing to make compelling content because as more podcast listeners find you, you’ll want them to experience the very best of your work and keep coming back for more. Stay patient and keep your eye on the prize, and in time, as your podcast gains popularity and earns better engagement, you’ll reap the rewards. 

Perhaps the best way to monetize your Podcast is to continue doing what you love: making high-quality content that you’re passionate about.

Podcast monetization is a numbers game. The higher your engagement, the greater your chance to successfully implement one of the monetization strategies below. Not everyone who listens can afford to donate or buy podcast merch, but the larger your audience, the more likely some people in that audience will contribute. 5 Podcast Monetization methods you can use today.

And, since this is a numbers game, aim for a combination of revenue streams instead of sticking to just one monetization method. 

Try affiliate marketing partnerships

You’re already great at public speaking (or podcast speaking, if you will) so put your skills to work by representing brands and products you like in podcast ads. As an affiliate marketer, you can earn almost passive income for spreading the word about companies you support, often offering your listeners a referral code to use on a purchase. Check out the affiliate programs from Amazon Associates or Audible if you need a place to start. 

Offer courses

Does your podcast focus on the best music of our generation? Do you wax poetic about literature? Are you a science buff? Offer your audience online courses or classes in which you, the expert, impart knowledge on your specialty area. Charge users to attend a poetry workshop, a class on contemporary jazz or trends in science, or even a course on the art of podcasting itself. 

 Public speaking and live events

As your following grows, you may have the opportunity to step outside of your studio and into the public arena for events. Invite listeners to a live recording of your show or an interview with a special guest. Some popular podcasts offer experiential, unforgettable live shows, for their guests. You could do the same and earn money off tickets. Don’t forget to sell your merch at the show. 

When you create, record and start a Podcast, you have to get out there or people to discover & listen to you.

5 Podcast Monetization methods you can use today. best podcast platform for monetization

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