Your podcast could probably be better. Choose one of these five compelling formats and increase your number of listeners in no time.

Your podcast could probably be better. Maybe, your Podcast is flagging and you don’t know what to do about it or re-build your audience?

The smart option is to reformat the podcast. This means looking at the podcast you have now, assessing just what it is, and introducing some new concepts.

5 Podcast styles to follow | best podcasts for women

elping Female Online Business Owners to Launch a Profitable Podcast in 90 days

Helping Female Online Business Owners to Launch a Profitable Podcast in 90 days

5 Podcast styles to follow | best podcasts for women

1. The Solo Podcast

This might be the podcast you started off with. Basically, you and the listener, chatting away, sharing your thoughts on whatever your podcast topic might be. These days, the solo podcast is limited to very particular niches. For instance, you might be a comedian or a musician. The solo podcast, therefore, is ideal for you to share your unique opinion on the world.

While it might seem like an easy solution (and it is when it comes to production), the solo podcast isn’t for everyone. If you’re unsure of your point of view on a subject, for instance, then you might find yourself drying up (that is, running out of things to say, or losing your thread).

2. Multi-Host Show

For a more varied collection of voices and opinions on a regular basis, the multi-host show is the way to go. Indeed, many podcasters use this option to start with. After all, if you dry up, there’s always someone else available to take up the slack. Execution of a multi-host show can be tricky, however. Many podcasts use the multi-host format, it’s especially useful if one of the hosts must take a timeout. 

3. The Podcast Interview

It opens up your show to new audiences. If a guest shares your show on social media that can open your Podcast up to a whole new set of ears. So, keep that in mind when you are thinking about the experience you want to create for your guest because they’ll always be more willing to share your content if they enjoyed the experience. Instead of having sole responsibility for every single piece of content on your show, interviews open your Podcast up to different opinions, stories , advise and expertise. This provides a lot of variety for your audience and takes a lot of pressure off you.

4. Round table discussion

Roundtable podcasts, or panel shows, involve a consistent or rotating group of hosts who provide commentary and conversation around specific topics. Often, there is a main host who MCs each episode while co-hosts fill specific roles.

5. Storytelling Podcast

Storytelling tools can help you make your podcast more specific, immediate, and important to your audience. When I talk about “story,” I don’t mean fiction, necessarily. A story is change over time. Story is a recipe for how we deal with conflict. How does this work for non-fiction? Human brains like narrative and problem-solving. They like metaphor. When humans are presented with a lot of information (like in a podcast), story structure helps them process and better understand that information. 

When you create, record, and start a podcast, you have to get it out there for people to discover and listen to.

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