Tracey Cook is a fellow podcaster. She helps creators launch, brand and market their podcasts for passion, purpose and profit from Perth in Western Australia.

We talk about monetising our work and overcoming self-limiting beliefs. “You’re never too old to dream another dream” says Tracey.

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Her launch into video and podcasting began with appearing on a US reality tv show some 36 hours from home, whilst being a radio announcer back in Perth. Tracey admits to being nervous on camera – even now – but see’s the realness of imperfection as a way of being more relatable to the audience.

We explore the process of editing, batch creation and  repurposing content and how that saves time and energy. Tracey finishes with her top 5 tips which are just pure gold – if you listen to nothing else – catch those tips!

Tracey Cook is every reason to not be a success. Living a lifetime of overcoming self-limiting beliefs from childhood abuse, cancer, domestic violence, homelessness & addiction. Tracey is now an impactful Podcast Creator, Brand Storytelling Strategist, Speaker and Best-Selling Author. Her passion to show how people have overcome obstacles to help others find their true path, has a growing community following her journey from Victim to Victory to Visionary.

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