“Repurposing podcast content” means taking a podcast episode and turning it into brand new forms of content. For example, you might create an eBook from a series of transcripts or offer behind-the-scenes video to your Patreon & Email subscribers. #repurposepodcastcontent

The beauty of repurposing means that you can reach new audiences and grow your podcast without having to constantly create new material. The more juice you squeeze out of an episode, the more ways there are to discover your content and your podcast.You can save time by recording video at the same time as your podcast audio. Streaming, editing and captioning apps are easy to find and some offer free plans (Descript & Headliner are great). 

1. Put Your Podcast on YouTube

If you’re thinking about repurposing your Podcast with video , starting a YouTube channel is the most natural place to start. More video is consumed on YouTube than any other site, and as a powerful search engine, it’s pretty easy to achieve steady growth as long as you play to it’s algorithm.

Video helps you get discovered

#YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine after Google, and social media sites consistently prioritize video when serving content to users. Creating video as well as audio content will help more people find and enjoy your podcast.

2. Live stream your podcast

Live streams are a brilliant way to stir up audience engagement and get the most out of your planned episode content. Live streams are useful for making money from your podcast, too. 

Some podcasters offer live AMAs, Q&As or guest interviews as exclusive ‘behind-the-scenes’ content to paid subscribers. All this provides extra value for fans and only takes a little more time behind the mic for you. 

Just include a call to action at the end of your podcast episode, asking listeners to submit questions and where to find the live stream. Easy! Fans love live streams because they offer live and direct access to you as well as your community of listeners. You can answer questions, interact with people and let fans know what goes into making a podcast episode.

3. Create shareable video clips for social media

The final way to repurpose your podcast is to create shareable video content for use on social media. There are lots of options for doing this, such as sharing audiograms, clipping up a recorded video or live stream, or adding to your Stories. 

All these tactics will help catch the attention of casual scrollers and put your content on their radar. You probably won’t win tons of new listeners this way, but that’s not the goal here: no one jumps from seeing a video on LinkedIn to subscribing to your podcast straight away.

Instead, you should focus on creating short, engaging and accessible clips that convey the subject and tone of your episodes. If you’re featuring a guest, lead with a juicy clip to pique your listener’s interest. Whatever your podcast is about, don’t forget to caption your video!

When you create, record, and start a podcast, you have to get it out there for people to discover and listen to.

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