Engaging podcast content takes time and work, but it’s worth the investment. The biggest reason to focus on producing compelling podcast episodes are their ability to help you build a loyal fan base. These listeners tune in to your show every week, help it succeed by leaving positive reviews, and sharing your content with friends.

6 Secret tricks to producing powerful Podcast content | podcast

6 Secret tricks to producing powerful Podcast content | podcast

1. Answer people’s questions

Podcasting may be a one-way medium, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a little audience participation. Ask open ended questions and explain how your audience’s answers will be featured in future episodes. Direct them to a central place to collect their responses like in the comment section of your podcast’s website or across your social media channels.

The benefits of this approach are two fold–you receive entertaining podcast content and your audience gets the excitement of having their answers read live on your show.

2. Engage with your fans the right way

You can’t cover everything in a 30 or 45 minute segment, but your listeners may still have questions about the topic or issue you covered. The most engaging podcast content helps readers explore further and gives them ways to learn more. For each episode, think about relevant resources you can direct listeners to later.

 3. Be authentic

You might be tempted to exaggerate one facet of your personality, or embellish a behavior you think people like. But if you want to create truly engaging podcast content, it’s best to be yourself. If you try to be anyone else, you’ll inevitably come off as inauthentic and listeners can always tell when you aren’t being truthful.

4. Plan your Podcast Content

As you get better at Podcasting you’ll start to have fun, becoming more and more comfortable behind the mic. But make sure you don’t to become so relaxed that the conversation consistently strays off topic. To keep yourself on track, follow your script or notes, at least loosely. If you catch yourself going down the wrong path, reign the conversation back to your plan. 

5. Use Storytelling

Stories are powerful ways to connect with your audience. They create neurological responses in our brains that help us focus and empathize with the storyteller. Researchers at Stanford learned that people are also able to remember stories better than other kinds of information.

Start with a standard three act story arc, beginning with a setup, building to a confrontation, and ultimately ending with a resolution. To fill each segment, try answering these questions: What struggles were faced? What challenges were overcome? What lessons were learned?

6 Secret tricks to producing powerful Podcast content | podcast | how to be a good podcast guest

6. Call to Action

You have to give to your listeners a reason to follow your show and this means creating podcast content that’s actionable. Actionable content explains how your listeners can do something, not just what they should do or why. It gives them practical directions that can be applied in real life to satisfy a need.

When you create, record, and start a podcast, you have to get it out there for people to discover and listen to.

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